Weather station

Vantage Vue

The live data and archived data utilised on this site is captured by a Davis Vantage Vue personal weather station.

Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS)

All of the outside sensors in the Vue ISS (ie wind speed/direction, temperature/humidity and rainfall) are located together in a single, compact, non-separable assembly, specifically designed for ease and simplicity of mounting and for minimising visual impact. This sealed, integrated construction with no external connections also allows the Vue ISS to offer maximum weather-proofing and corrosion resistance thereby making the Vue stations especially suitable for use at highly exposed sites.

A passive radiation shield for the temperature sensor is fitted as standard. And the new ‘tipping spoon’ rain gauge is of course self-emptying.

The Vue sensors are primarily powered from a solar panel built into the ISS design as standard and backed up by a small lithium battery, when necessary (typical battery life is about 18 months).

Meteobridge Pro

The data from the weather station is sent directly to the web server by a Meteobridge Pro. Realtime updates on some of the screens are sent every 5 seconds, and averaged values of each five minute period are sent directly to the SQL database, which are then used to generate the various graphs and tables.


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